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Anthony Nolan

On average, 65 people a day in the UK are diagnosed with cancer of the blood and there are nearly 1,600 people in the UK in need of a bone marrow transplant. 

This is usually their last chance of survival.

Anthony Nolan is a UK charity that saves the lives of people with blood cancer who need a blood stem cell, or bone marrow, transplant.

The Jack Petchey Foundation has joined forces with Anthony Nolan to raise awareness of blood cancer and recruit more young donors to the stem cell register. In 2011 the Foundation gave a major donation to Anthony Nolan which marked the beginning of a long-term partnership.

Anthony Nolan run a programme called Register and Be a Lifesaver (R&Be). This involves Anthony Nolan representatives going into schools, colleges and clubs and talking to people about how they could one day save a life.

It is an inspirational project that is the legacy of an inspirational person - Adrian Sudbury. Adrian was a young journalist with leukaemia who believed that many more lives could be saved if young people were informed about what it means to donate stem cells.

To date, the R&Be team have educated over 60,000 young people. If you would like them to come to your school or club, please contact Sarah Rogers at sarah.rogers@anthonynolan.org or call 020 7424 6574.