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Welcome to the JPF Blog!

A dedicated part of our website for young people where all the content is written by young people!

Here you can find blogposts written by people aged between 11-25 on any and all topics.

This offers you a chance to gain some real life writing experience; you will have to work towards a deadline and be given a chance for your work to be read over and edited by members of our PR team well experienced in writing, so that you can continuously improve upon your skills. This will make a wonderful addition to any CV!

If you would like to take part, please send an e-mail to pr@petchey.co.uk with some information about yourself and your proposal for a blog post! We hope to hear from you soon!

If you’re struggling to get started, you can find an example post here and a list of writing prompts below:

  • General Election 2017
  • The impact of Brexit upon you.
  • Something that inspires you.
  • Share a goal and outline how you plan to achieve it.
  • A review of some kind.
  • A discussion of a role model of yours.
  • Your experience with JPF.
  • Projects you’re launching or involved in.
  • A travel diary.
  • School experiences, what you enjoyed, what could be improved?
  • A cause you’re passionate for.


  • Write any amount you want to a limit of 800.
  • Please send over in a Word document, with an image if you wish for one to be included. You must have the rights for us to be able to post this image, if it’s copyright free or one you have taken yourself that’s great!
  • Your name, age and social media handles may be included if you wish, if so, we would like for you to share the post on your social media accounts.
  • We expect to receive a draft post from you within 2 weeks.
  • We will then have a look over your draft and get back you with any changes/amendments that need to be made.


29 September 2017

My experience in Nepal.

The Jack Petchey Foundation runs IGFV – Individual Grants For Volunteering. If successful, you can receive a grant which may contribute to your volunteer fundraising cause.

25 July 2017

Example blog: Creating in your own time

Almost 4 years ago I started creating YouTube videos as a hobby, and whilst I don't do it so much now, I can pinpoint that singular decision as one a moment that continuously effects my life. What was originally a creative outlet became a passion