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Our Campaigns

From time to time the Jack Petchey Foundation conducts campaigns in order to ask young people their opinions directly and ensure that their voices are heard loud and strong.

Time for Thanks

Time 2 Say Thanks

Some of the reports we have put together can be viewed below.

2017 Election Survey
Much was said about the need for young voters to turn out in 2017. We also wanted to find out what 11-17 year olds thought and whether they felt the age of voting should be lowered to 16.

Brexit Survey 
Following the 2016 referendum we conducted our own online poll to give those too young to vote a chance to have their voices heard.

Time 2 Say Thanks 2012
Our social media campaign asking London and Essex's youth to recognise those who most inspire them.

Think Tank 2012
As a result of our Listen Up! 2011 we decided to delve deeper into the challenges of youth unemployment. We held a Think Tank on 14th February 2012.

Listen Up! 2011
A follow on from Listen Up! 2010 with a specific focus on the increasing challenges for young people looking for work in 2011.

Listen Up! 2010
Our first report encouraging society to 'Listen up!' to what young people have to say. Nearly 6,500 young people took part and made their voices heard!

Think Tank

Think Tank

“I welcome the findings of the Listen Up report, which offers an important reminder that most young people are passionate, idealistic, and keen to play a full role in society.” - David Cameron