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200 Young people sharpen their skills on basketball summer camp

The Croydon Cougars Basketball Club wanted to repeat the success of a basketball summer camp that the Jack Petchey Foundation funded last year. Thanks again to a £750 grant awarded to the club by the Foundation, the club was able to organise a two week basketball summer camp in Croydon, in which 200 young people benefited from.

The Croydon Cougars decided to organise this summer camp to offer a healthy, fun and productive activity to take part in over the summer holiday to the young people of Croydon. Not only is playing basketball a great way for young people to take part in healthy exercise but it allows them to meet others from their area and focus their energy on something positive. Playing in a team sport helps to develop skills such as good communication and team building and also improves the confidence of the young people.

The club said “We know that this is needed in Croydon as there are many young people who suffer from poverty and cannot afford to pay for sports activities. We also know through our work with the local council that there are gang issues in Croydon and providing a positive outlet for youthful energy proved very popular last summer.” Thanks to the grant, the summer camp was free to all participants and was therefore open to everyone.  

The success of the summer camp has encouraged some of the young people to attend the regular club sessions during term time, which will keep them active and engaged in their community all year round. The young people who took part had only good things to say about the summer camp, David, aged 16 said “Thank you, Cougars for running an excellent camp I feel ready now to have a great season in September”. Delmar, aged 15 said, “I asked my mum to change our holiday dates as I did not want to miss the camp and I am glad I did! It was a great two weeks.”

thumbnail The Croydon Cougars in action

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