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A waterpark adventure blossoming confidence!

In July 2017 the 1st Addington Guides took an exciting trip to a waterpark thanks to a £750 Small Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation. The outing included two sessions, an inflatable obstacle course and a cable knee-boarding lesson.

The Guides started the day with the obstacle course. They had one hour to complete the course which was made up of inflatable floats on the lake. This gave the girls the opportunity to develop their teamwork skills as they figured out the best way to get through the course in teams and brought in a sense of competition between them.

They then took part in a two-hour knee-boarding lesson, which is a type of water-skiing. The sessions improved the Guides’ confidence in the water and pushed them to try something new and challenging.

The trip made a great difference to a number of the Guides, many of whom were very unsure about going into the water and attempting a water sport. A few were nervous to begin with, but with positive encouragement from both the leaders and the trainers on site, they decided to take part. By the end of the day the Guides were proud of themselves for taking part and doing something they had never done before. The day was a huge success and many of the girls showed an interest in doing it again.


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