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All-round superstar teacher wins Leader Award!

Andy Welsh, a Technology teacher at Finchley Catholic High School, has recently won a Leader Award from the Jack Petchey Foundation. He has been recognised by the school for always doing his job with passion and enthusiasm and often going way above his job specification by organising enjoyable extra-curricular programmes for the students to get involved in.

As the school’s Technology teacher, Mr Welsh took it upon himself to run a Technology Club for the younger students to get involved and explore the world of tech. As well as running this after-school club, he also stays late on other days to help students with any exam preparation and coursework deadlines. He frequently offers up his spare time in order to help any students in need of extra help.

Outside of academia, Mr Welsh is involved in various extra-curricular activities that help to get students outdoors. He is responsible for the running of the Duke of Edinburgh award at Finchley Catholic High School. This involves encouraging students to complete the entire programme from volunteer projects to the final expedition weekend. He is very enthusiastic about this project and always makes sure that those who have completed the bronze award have the chance to progress to silver. Mr Welsh is currently working on introducing the gold award in the school too.

He also encourages students to get outside as part of a sailing trip that he organises. This trip inspires students to learn new skills and work as part of a team on the boat. Many of the students have never had the chance to sail before, so this is an incredible opportunity for them to experience something new and gain additional skills.  

On top of all of this, Andy plays a major role in supporting disadvantaged students on the Loudres pilgrimage, both as part of the HCPT (a charity that offers pilgrimage holidays to disadvantaged people across the UK) and through the school itself. The trip accompanies young people as they take a trip to Loudres, where they take part in many activities. For many, this could be their first time away from their everyday routine so it requires a lot of support and encouragement from the volunteers.

Andy is generally known to be a nice, helpful and thoughtful member of faculty at the Finchley Catholic School. He is quick to help others from fixing other teachers’ cars to mending shoes. His students see him as a positive influence on their learning and he is known as a good listener and motivator. The school see Andy as ‘a true hero and a true role model to all the students.’

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