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Andrew Gil - West Thames College

'Model Student' wins award for multiple achievements

18 year old Andrew Gil won a Jack Petchey Achievement Award for incredible personal development, his efforts supporting other students and his involvement in extra-curricular learning at West Thames College.

Supported learning pupil Andrew is the captain of the Supported Learning football team, while he is also a regular attendee of the West Thames Swimming Club. On top of his sporting endeavours, the hard-working student works as a Student Ambassador for special events at the college and holds down a part time job in M&S.

He said, “Winning the award has really increased my confidence and made me feel much better about myself.  Instead of feeling negative about my future, I feel positive.”

Andrew was also recognised for being caring and sensitive to others – he volunteers as a study buddy to youngster students at West Thames College. Andrew’s compassion for others was exemplified in the way spent the £200 he received as a part of the Achievement Award, contributing towards a pool table for his college and taking his classmates out for bowling and pizza.

This summer Andrew is volunteering at ‘Camp Beaumont’ where he will be coaching football to young children among other activities.

“I want to live a nice, happy, normal life.  I like to be occupied and kept busy; therefore, I enjoy working hard.”

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“Winning the award has made me feel so much better about myself”


Andrew recieving his award