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Canons School - Astronomy Club

Students are star-crazy!

Pupils from Canon’s High School in Edgware are reaching for the stars in the school’s astronomy club.

In late January, 15 students were treated to a visit to Bayfordbury Observatory in Hertfordshire thanks to a £120 Educational Visit grant from the Foundation. The observatory offers students hands-on experience with some of the latest technology in the field with seven large optical telescopes and four radio telescopes.

Canons School’s astronomy club have several telescopes of their own purchased with the money Nazanin Shafigh and Babback Pormand received after winning Jack Petchey Achievement Awards. However, the visit to Bayfordbury gave the young stargazers the opportunity to see a real working observatory and use their state of the art equipment.

12 year old Babback said, “The visit to Bayfordbury Observatory was very interesting and educational. Astronomy is really exciting because of the constant change and sense of exploration.”

Canons School’s ICT Technician Stephen Crook runs the weekly astronomy club, which is generating more interest particularly after members returned so excited from their visit to Bayfordbury.

School librarian Adele Franklin, who accompanied the group on the visit said, “The group were really excited on the way to the observatory, and on the journey home, some of them were completely in awe about what they had seen. They are already making plans for future trips!”

Members of the club have written articles about the trip and their passion for astronomy for the school newspaper while they are already compiling a wish list of further stargazing equipment they want to bring to the school!

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“Astronomy is very exciting because of the constant change and sense of exploration”