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Clarissa is recognised for her amazing achievements in music

Clarissa Mae Ragrag who attends Bonus Pastor Catholic College, was nominated for a Jack Petchey Achievement Award for her outstanding contribution to music in the school. She was described as “a fantastic singer and guitarist, who always wows students, staff and guests with her highly anticipated performances at school events.”

But last year, she proved that she’s not only a hit with her teachers and classmates. In the summer of 2016, Clarissa made history when she became the youngest person to ever win the Gigs London-wide busking competition at only 13 years old!

The contest, which is organised by the Mayor of London, saw entrants give more than 800 live performances at London’s busiest busking locations, before 12 were selected for a live final at Westfield Stratford City. Clarissa was totally shocked to win, as she had come to the competition thinking she wouldn’t even make it through the first round! Clarissa said “I am absolutely thrilled to have won Gigs. The whole competition has been such a fun experience.”

Despite her success, she takes it all in her stride with a quiet confidence and her peers and teachers are looking forward to seeing where her creativity and talent will take her in the future.

Clarissa decided to use her £250 Jack Petchey Achievement Award grant to buy new guitar pedals for the school’s music department, encouraging other budding musicians to pursue their talents. Her Achievement Award recognises her dedication and passion for music and will hopefully encourage her to follow her dreams as a musician. Well done Clarissa!

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