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Residential Excursion - Coin Street Centre Trust

Into the wild for group of young girls from London

In the autumn of 2012, a group of teenage girls took a daring step into the unknown and were rewarded with a weekend of experiences they won’t forget in a hurry. Coin Street Centre Trust brought together 12 and 13 year old girls from across London for a residential excursion to Hindleap Warren Youth Centre in East Sussex, which is run by London Youth.

The trip was supported by a Small Grant from the Foundation after Coin Street’s Nathalie Nicholls won a Leader Award for her hard work and dedication to helping others.

During the weekend, the young women completed a range of outdoor activities including trekking, canoeing and archery as well as daring activities such as night walking and soaring down the zip line! The residential also provided the girls with the opportunity to develop key life skills such as team building, communication and leadership qualities.

They were very engaged and excited about the excursion and many of them didn’t want to leave! On the way back to London, 12 year old Talia kept asking, “When can we go on another one?”

The weekend away gave the girls a chance to explore new surroundings and new experiences by stationing them out of their comfort zones and customary city life. It also provided the opportunity to meet new people. “We enjoyed making new friends with young people from other parts of London”, said 13 year old Gaby.

Residential experiences offer rewarding experiences for people of all ages. Living in London provides so many different opportunities, yet it is important that young people are able to explore what lies outside the city too.

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“We enjoyed making friends with other young people from across London”


Building a fire on the trip