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Emma Turner - Maltings Academy Sixth Form

Brave Emma rewarded for raising funds and awareness

When Emma Turner was rushed to hospital when she was 15 years old with suspected appendicitis, her life was turned upside down after doctors revealed she had ovarian cancer. A month after the diagnosis Emma had an operation to remove the tumour, and had to undergo an intense course of chemotherapy in the following months.

Enduring such a traumatic experience would crush most people’s spirits – especially during their teenage years. However Emma has been ever the optimist since the diagnosis, and was recently awarded an Achievement Award for showing bravery in the face of adversity, and helping to raise funds and awareness about the disease.

A keen dancer, Emma staged a performing arts show in 2013 which raised £3,000 for the chemotherapy unit at Broomfield Hospital. Through a range of other fundraising events, including talking part in the Race for Life, Emma has succeeded in generating more than £10,000 for Cancer Research UK, along with an immeasurable amount of awareness about cancer among young people.

“I made myself better as I knew there was no way I was missing out on my dance show! I’m happy, in a weird way that it happened. It has made me a lot stronger and a better person.  My GP’s diagnosis saved my life, and my advice to anyone is to go to your doctor straight away if you notice any changes.”

Emma, who dances four times per week, wants to use the experiences she has endured to help other people, through mentoring or counselling.

“The experience has taught me to live life to the fullest. I love giving advice to others and I feel as though I need to help people.”

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“I love giving advice to others and I feel as though I need to help people”