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Famida Noor Mahomed - Little Ilford Engineering Club

Inspiring teacher leading the way for young engineers!

Engineering addict Famida Noor Mahomed, who works as a science teacher at Little Ilford School, has inspired numerous young people to get interested and involved in the trade.

Famida is the driving force behind the Little Ilford Engineering Club which she set up in 2006 with only a handful of girls in the group. Now the club comprises over 40 young people, both boys and girls, and has notched up an impressive array of achievements over the years. The group has won awards at Greenpower Education Trust engineering events in 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013 while Famida has been the recipient of a Jack Petchey Award for her leadership of the club. Some of the young people also had the pleasure of meeting Prince Andrew at the 2014 Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, where they picked up a Special Club Ethos Award for work ethics with limited to no funding.

Famida, who was born in South Africa, was interested in engineering from a young age and spent her youth constructing go-karts from wood and string. She also learnt a lot watching and learning from her father who renovated and conducted maintenance on second hand cars. However her passion for automobiles wasn’t all she was interested in when it comes to engineering.

“My earliest recollection was when I was about six or seven and my parents bought a VHS machine. I wanted to see how it worked so I took it apart! My mother was angry but I put it all back together and they had it for years!!”

Famida’s craving for seeing how things work led her to major in science and technology before embarking on a path to teaching, while she has recently completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours with the Open University. Being a Muslim and female is inspiring for many of the girls who attend the club, as Famida shows them how their culture and upbringing should never be a career or lifestyle barrier.

“(At first) their parents would not allow them to do this. When they realised I was Muslim and a female they gave them (the girls) permission to spend their Saturday with me. Parents know I appreciate the cultural and educational needs of the girls.”

Congratulations Famida on everything you have achieved so far!

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