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Get to know the man on stage: Ashley Singh

Ashley Singh from St. Bonaventure’s School’s in Forest Gate has become a Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner!

If you’ve attended our Achievement Awards Celebrations, you might recognise Ashley Singh. The 16 year old is an extremely talented singer-songwriter. Philip Allinson, Events Manager at the Jack Petchey Foundation heard Ashley sing at the ‘Speak Out’ regional final at St. Bonaventure’s. "He has such an incredible voice and I was looking for someone to perform for us". As a result, Ashley has played at several Jack Petchey events – including the ‘Speak Out’ final at Picadilly Theatre.

However, instead of performing at our Achievement Awards Celebrations, Ashley will be receiving an award this time too. The Year 11 student, who is also Head Boy, has won an Achievement Award for his incredible extracurricular activity and charity work.

In addition to being a member of the student council, Ashley established the school’s anti-bullying campaign and has trained other anti-bullying ambassadors in school – all while studying for his GCSEs. Diane Halliwell, the school’s Jack Petchey coordinator, says “His friendly, approachable and caring personality makes him popular with his peers and teachers…he is a model student. In fact during his five years at St Bon's he has never once got into any trouble and has never had detention.”

Ashley also won the school ‘Moscar’ – a trophy with a Dali-esque tash to celebrate the best Movember facial hair, raising awareness for mens’ cancers. Ashley said "I thought it was really important to support this campaign, especially as ours is a boys' school. Lots of younger students came up to me to ask why I had facial hair which gave me the opportunity to explain what Movember was all about…I've liked having stubble but it has been a bit itchy so it won’t be a permanent feature. I will be shaving it off tonight."

Although Ashley is still debating what career he wants to pursue after school, he still affirms that music is his first love. He can be found in the music department most lunchtimes practising his guitar, writing songs and coaching younger students who have shown an interest in music. So it’s unsurprising that Ashley wants his £200 Achievement Award money to buy reconditioned acoustic guitars for the St Bonaventure's guitar ensemble to use.

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