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Girl Guides spend a night sleeping next to wolves on safari trip!

A £750 Jack Petchey Foundation Small Grant helped to fund an exciting and educational safari for 42 Chislehurst Girl Guides in April. The grant made it more affordable and accessible for all the members, and gave them the opportunity to learn about animal conservation and enjoy a trip away with their fellow Guides.

The Chislehurst group spent two days at the Port Lympne Reserve in Kent, which is home to 700 rare and endangered animals. The Guides were able to learn some valuable life skills about team work making sure no-one was left behind, as they took part in some of the adventures in groups without adults. It gave them the opportunity to be self-reliant in organising their belongings and budgeting their spending money. It was also a great chance to get to know each other better and enjoy being surrounded by nature.

On the first day, the Guides enjoyed a motor safari before spending the rest of the afternoon exploring the massive reserve in small groups. In the evening, they sat round the camp fire to sing songs and play games before heading to bed. They stayed in four-people pods, which were sat right by the wolf paddocks! The Guides really felt as though they were in the wild, as they were surrounded by the sound of the animals all night.

After packing up their camp the next morning, the Guides enjoyed exploring more of the reserve and learning about the animals in the reserve and the importance of their conservation.  

The Guides had a great time learning about endangered species and the environment, and especially enjoyed bonding with each other in the great outdoors! One of the Guides’ parents said “Hannah had a wonderful time, and has just gone to bed having talked for about two solid hours about all her adventures - singing to the wolves and having them sing back seemed to have been a highlight!

 The Guides by their pods



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