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Harry Carnaby - Gateway 97.8 FM

Hardworking Basildon radio ace dedicated to a career on air!

By the age of 15, Wickford teenager Harry Carnaby had already made great strides in forming a career on the radio. Harry works at the Basildon community radio station Gateway 97.8, occupying several roles across the station. He is currently Gateway’s Road-show Manager, Head of Radio Club, Webmaster, IT Engineer and a presenter!

Harry, who attends St John’s School in Billericay, was awarded a Achievement Award for his hard work and success, something he was very proud and honoured to receive. “I was stunned to win the Jack Petchey Achievement Award. It felt great to be recognised for all of the hard work I do for the radio as a volunteer”.

Not only is Harry set to continue his current roles, he has plans and ideas for the future of Gateway, as well as his own projects too. Harry is set to take a teachers course so he is qualified to teach both children and adults about various aspects of radio production. “I want to teach others, whilst gaining more and more experience myself every second of the way”.

Harry also set up a radio station in his school, which was opened by the Mayor in the spring of 2013. He said “Basically, Gateway inspired me. At an open day at school last year, I set up a mock studio and the head was so impressed he asked me to build one for real in the school. It’s all very exciting; I can’t really believe I am doing it!”

In March 2013, Harry compered the Miss Universe London completion at the Double Tree Hotel in Central London. He also organised a pantomime, and helped put together a fireworks show for 6000 people!

Gateway 97.8 is a community radio that provides a learning space for volunteers of all ages to learn new skills and be part of a team. You can find out more and listen live at www.gateway978.com

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“I want to teach others, whilst gaining more and more experience myself every second of the way”

Harry Carnaby before the Miss Universe London competition!