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Harvey Parker - Hearts of Teddlothian (Richmond)

Harvey shows real commitment to his team and assists with international end of season celebration!

15 year old footballer Harvey Parker won an Achievement Award for the dedication and selflessness he showed in helping his teammates improve their performances on the field. In his efforts to develop the under-15 Hearts of Teddlothian side from Richmond, Harvey sat out several games in order to study his teammates’ performances, and offer feedback on ways in which the team could improve as a whole. He included this tactical analysis as part of his GCSE Physical Education studies, and has aspirations to develop his coaching skills in the future.

Hearts manager Simon Coggins said, “Harvey’s dedication to helping his team develop certainly paid off as they went on to win the league!”

Harvey put the £200 he received from the award towards an end of season celebration event, where Hearts hosted an under-15 side from Konstanz, in southern Germany. The Konstanz team had embarked on an end of season tour to London, and began their trip with a fixture against Hearts, while they also played against Grey Court School and Kew Park Rangers.

Konstanz manager Nick Dunand praised the initiative. “Hopefully this was not just a one-off visit but the start of a regular footballing exchange. I shall certainly be encouraging our teams to experience the delights of Richmond in the future and the power of English football.”

Following the match between Hearts and Konstanz, both sets of players went out to the Red Lion Pub for some food and social interaction between the teams and their parents.

Mr Dunand said, “We revelled in the fantastic weather, and my travelling companions learnt that tea with milk actually tastes rather good! Thank you to everyone for treating us so well. Hopefully a team can come to visit us in Germany in the not too distant future!”

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“Hopefully this was not just a one off visit but the start of a regular footballing exchange!”