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Intergenerational Project - The Froud Centre

Manor Park community hub bridges the age gap!

Manor Park community hub, the Froud Centre celebrated the coming together of young and older people in an intergenerational event in the summer of 2013. The event was funded through a Small Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation.

Members of Manor Park Ladies Social Club, who meet every Monday, were invited to join the Froud Centre’s youth project members for lunch and an afternoon of activities and intergenerational interaction. The event came off the back of a similar intergenerational event which took place during the 2012 Olympics.

Froud Youth Work Manager, Dawn Ballinger said, “These events bring generations together to learn from each other, and break down the stereotypes that exist between them. We are extremely proud of our young people’s hard work and dedication to making the event such a success - the elders had a fantastic time and were very happy to go away with a gift bag and fond memories.”

The group shared stories and topical discussions over a roast dinner at the centre, where the young people waited on their elders and gave them handmade presents including homemade cakes, fruit baskets and hand-decorated bags. The young people took great advice from the older generations about their prospective futures. A group of young people then put on a break dance show – a considerably different entertainment from the elders traditional weekly bingo!

The young people were presented with certificates by Aston-Mansfield Charity Buildings Manager Mark Halls that acknowledged the contributions they made to their communities.

14 year old Malkit Singh of Manor Park said, “Thank you to everyone for coming. It is great to spend some quality time with people you probably wouldn’t have the chance to normally. It is always important to learn new things in life, and who better to learn from than the elderly people in our community.”

The Froud Centre is run by the Aston-Mansfield charity which serves the communities of East London in developing community wealth and promoting a diverse and inclusive society in which all are free to participate. They seek to tackle poverty, deprivation and powerlessness in East London, providing a variety of services through community centres in Newham.

To find out more about Aston-Mansfield and the services they offer visit, www.aston-mansfield.org.uk/

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Gifts from the young people!

“These kind of events bring generations together to learn from each other”