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Jade Wilson - Barnet VPC

Jade is top cadet in Barnet!

Volunteer Police Cadet Jade Wilson won an Achievement Award in early 2013 and says that it gave her the encouragement and determination to go on to achieve more – which is exactly what she has done!

Jade, 17, won her award for the hard work she has put in as a member of Barnet Volunteer Police Cadets is has since become Head Cadet of the unit.

“It’s great to have been appointed Head Cadet – the position keeps me busy doing what I love!”

Jade put the £200 she received for winning the award towards a charity set up by the Barnet VPC called Help Martha. The organisation was founded in December 2012 to raise money for the purchase of life saving equipment for two year old Ukrainian child Marta Koda, who suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Jade is also a part of the growing network of schools and colleges that make up the Anti-Bullying Alliance, which launches its annual ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ in November.

Jade is currently studying English Literature, History and Sociology for her A-Levels and was recently successful in her application for a part time job in retail – which she accounts to having won her Achievement Award.

“The Award was one of the main reasons I got my job – It just shows to employers that you are willing to work hard, and that you possess the right skills to be successful in the workplace.”

To find out more about joining the Volunteer Police Cadets, click here!

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