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Jay-Ann Bravo-Harriott - Greig City Academy


Jay-Ann shooting for the stars!

18 year old Jay-Ann Bravo-Harriott, a sixth form student at Greig City Academy in Hornsey, is set for basketball stardom. After completing her A-levels in the summer, Jay-Ann will leave London for the University of Toledo in Ohio on a four-year basketball scholarship, where she will compete among the elites in the sport.

Toledo’s coach visited London in 2013 specifically to see Jay-Ann play, and although she visited universities in Florida, Chicago and Tennessee, she accepted the offer from Ohio.

In a life-changing year, Jay-Ann was named as England Basketball’s ‘Player of the Year’ in the women’s Under-18 category.

She said: “Although I was top scorer for the team I never imagined being named Player of the Year - so it came as quite a shock. I was player of the year in the Under 16 category so this makes it a double for me. I’m really pleased.”

Jay-Ann, who won a Jack Petchey Achievement Award in 2010, started playing basketball when she was 10 and has played for Haringey Angels, Greig City Academy and England in all age groups. She has also represented England Under-18s at the FIBA 3x3 World Championships for the past three years, with the team finishing twelfth, seventh and seventh out of 24 sides.

Mr Dan Bowmaker, Head of PE at Greig City and Jay-Ann’s coach, said: “I’m delighted for Jay-Ann. Her determination and disciplined approach set her apart from many other aspiring players and she will be missed when she goes to Toledo. The award recognises the high quality of her play and the contribution she made to the England women’s team moving from B to A Division in the European championships.”

Mr Jon Holt, Head of Sixth Form at Greig City added: “Jay-Ann brings the same disciplined approach to her A-Level studies as she does to her sport. She is studying English, History and Psychology - sets herself high standards in all these subjects and achieves them time after time. We are all very proud of her.”

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“Jay-Ann sets herself high standards and achieves them time after time”