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Karen Scott - Moroccan Children's Trust

Lambeth youth dedicated to helping Moroccan girls!

24 year old Karen Scott began working for the Moroccan Children’s Trust in early 2013, specifically helping to coordinate the organisation’s 2013 Women’s and Children’s Projects.

Employed as an intern in London throughout the year, Karen’s main duties were to monitor and evaluate the projects and plan activities at the MTC’s in-country base, Centre Afaq in Taroudannt.

At the end of last year, Karen travelled to Morocco to coordinate a pilot scheme tailored to the needs of at risk adolescent girls in Taroudannt. Aided by a grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation, Karen devised a variety of activities for girls aged 11-18 who attended the centre. The programme helped the girls to learn about their rights, physical health and emotional well-being. Karen also organised sporting and cooking classes, which were implemented by the social workers at the centre.

Karen helped children with their language skills and planned an event to celebrate the International Day of Volunteering which included a treasure hunt and developed awareness for the public of volunteering opportunities in the town.

Karen said, “Working for the MCT in London galvanised my will to work directly with girls at the centre. Visiting Taroudannt gave me further insight into the problems that girls and women face in Morocco because of their gender and social status.  I immensely enjoyed getting to know the girls and I am looking forward to working with them in the future and ensuring the sustainability of the project.

My experiences with the MCT have broadened my horizons extensively and made me want to continue to support vulnerable people both in the UK and abroad.”

The Moroccan Children's Trust is a UK registered charity who work in partnership with Groupe Maroc Horizons to achieve sustainable development for young people and their communities in South Morocco. To find out more visit their website here.

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“I immensely enjoyed working with the girls and helping to ensure the future sustainability of the project”


Karen Scott