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Karishma Thakrar - Sydenham School

Karishma rewarded for charity work!

16 year old Karishma Thakrar won an Achievement Award after working on a youth and philanthropy initiative at Sydenham School. Karishma played an leading role in the ‘change-makers’ challenge in the summer term of 2014, persuading her classmates to choose to raise awareness of mental health issues. Karishma is passionate about the cause after seeing people she knows subjected to the illness in the past. Karishma delivered an assembly to younger students while she also drove fundraising events for a number of mental health charities.

For winning the Achievement Award, Karishma received a certificate, gold medallion and a cheque for £200 which she chose to put towards the Citizenship and Sociology Departments at her school. In August 2014, Karishma received her GCSE results and was delighted to receive full marks in Citizenship, with the project she did on raising awareness for mental health worth 60% of the grade.

During the same summer, she was involved in a number of fundraising events for mental health charities and Macmillan Cancer Support, while she also completed a sponsored run to raise money for the National Autistic Society. Impressively, Karishma also manages to find time to act as a mentor for younger children.

She said, “Winning the Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Award inspired me to become a more aware and helpful person. It has also made me determined to make the most of opportunities that come my way.”

Jack Petchey Foundation Grants Officer for South London Jane Evans said, “Karishma has been instrumental in raising awareness for such an important issue and her efforts have been duly rewarded with fantastic GCSE results. Congratulations to her and we wish her well in her studies and future charitable work.”

Karishma is currently studying Sociology, Psychology and Applied Sciences and aspires to pursue a career in physiotherapy.

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“Winning the award has inspired me to become a more aware and helpful person”


Karishma with Chief Inspector Julian Hagley