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Kitted-out kitchen helps students at Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School learn life skills

Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School is a Westminster school for students with learning difficulties, including ASD, and profound and multiple learning difficulties. As part of the school’s ongoing life-skills project the students have been growing vegetables and herbs in a small garden. The students are encouraged to make small meals and snacks using the food they have grown, to help them understand where their food comes from.

To help this project grow, Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School applied for a £750 Jack Petchey Foundation Small Grant to kit out the food technology room with new specialist kitchen equipment suitable for the students’ needs, such as talking microwaves, safety knives, graters and chopping boards. This has given the students access to life skills tasks in the kitchen that were previously unavailable to them.

Being able to cook small meals and prepare snacks, are skills not only essential to the students for the future, but also as part of their ASDAN qualification that they can take with them when they leave school and go into further education. The new equipment has given the students, some of whom have difficulty with their fine motor skills or are visually and hearing impaired, access to equipment that they can use to help them achieve these tasks.

Since September 2017, the school’s technology programme has been well underway and students have been learning to make cold snacks, such as wraps, to begin with. This also involves trips out in the community to buy ingredients and also the preparation of the ingredients back in the kitchen. This will be good introduction for the students to the life-skills that they will be learning when they go into their life beyond school. 

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