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Layla is recognised for turning her grades around for the better!

Young people are given Jack Petchey Achievement Awards for a wide variety of reasons; it could be for sporting achievements, volunteering in their communities or even an act of bravery. However, it’s important to also recognise young people who have struggled in the past with achieving their best, but have turned themselves around through hard work and determination.

That is just what happened with eighteen-year-old student Layla Hamzeh, from Grey Court school. Over the past two years, Layla has turned her academic life around beyond recognition. She took the decision to change things for herself during Year 11 and achieved much better GCSE results than many- including Layla - had expected. Since starting sixth form Layla has continued to flourish. She achieved A, B, C, C at AS Level and is on track to get an A* on her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), thanks to her outstanding attitude to learning and self-motivation.

 Not only is Layla performing well academically, she also acts as a mentor to other students, as well as an ambassador for the school on many occasions. She is the absolute personification of what hard work and dedication can do. Her teacher added, “It is difficult to express on paper what a wonderful young woman Layla has become and what an inspiration she has been to others.

Congratulations Layla on empowering yourself to change your future!

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