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Louis Bell Roberts - Hillcrest Aids Charity Trust South Africa

Haringey Sixth Former works on South African project!

Louis Bell Roberts spent the summer of 2013 working with the Hillcrest Aids Charity Trust in South Africa to offer support to families directly affected by HIV and AIDS. Louis and his fellow volunteers helped to share the workload of the South African teachers by leading classes and playing games with the children.

“The kids love going to school, and I think that in itself is a lesson we can all take heed from.”

The group helped to improve the educational environment for the children of Durban, redecorating and renovating their classrooms and other school facilities. On his return to England, Louis said the trip had really made him appreciate what he already has in his life, to take the opportunities offered to him, and to help others in the future.

“Many of the children are orphaned, and are often under the primary care of siblings younger than myself. The experience has provided me with a deeper sense of gratitude for the aspects of my life I sometimes take for granted. From drinking safe water to being able to eat when I am hungry, and comprehending how vital my parents have been in providing me with the life I lead without being burdened by responsibilities that are beyond my capability to handle.”

Since returning, Louis, spread awareness about AIDS to fellow pupils in his school in an effort to clarify among young people in England the truths about the disease, and dispel any myths they had previously.

Watch this inspiring video to see what the volunteers were up to in South Africa, and the impact the experience had on each of them.

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“The kids love going to school, and I think that in itself is a lesson we can all take heed from!”