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Outreach group learn about history and improve their English on a trip to the British Museum

Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (CARAS) is a community outreach charity based in Tooting, which supports people of refugee and asylum-seeking background in South-West London. CARAS used an Educational Visit Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation to take a group of 23 young people on an exciting trip to the British Museum.

For many of the young people, this was their first time on the London Underground, so each group worked together to figure out which route to take and how to navigate the tube system. Once they arrived at the museum, they worked with an outreach programme which gave them various tasks to complete on their way around the museum. To help them to learn about different cultures the programme focused on looking at different historical objects. The young people were split into groups and given a historical item that they knew nothing about. They discussed together what it could be or what it could represent and then presented a story about the object to the rest of the groups.

Later, each group received a tablet and were tasked with taking photos of as many objects as they could find in each room. After visiting one ancient history room and one modern history room, they had to create a collage of the pictures they had taken and present it to their peers. These tasks helped the young people understand how objects have the ability to tell stories about people from thousands of years ago and give an insight into how they lived their lives.

Not only did the group learn a great deal about history and different cultures, it was an excellent opportunity for them to practice their English and presentation skills, helping them to gain confidence in their speaking abilities.

One of the attendees, Neamn, said “Last Saturday I went to the British Museum. I was really excited and enjoyed [it] with my friends. I watched a lot of ancient history from all over the world. I saw the Egyptian pyramid and other famous historical places. It was an amazing museum, including all countries that described their culture and religion. It showed me their identity, ethnicity and nationality. In addition to this in the museum I saw instruments and people who are famous from all over the world. Thank you.”  

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