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Priscilla Casey - Harris Academy Falconwood

Golden girl recognised for supporting young people!

Hardworking Priscilla Casey won a Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Award for her incredible work establishing The Golden Youth Movement. The programme helps ambitious young people to both realise and maximise their potential through rehearsal and performance in their area of preference.

17 year old Priscilla, who supervises over 50 singers, dancers, rappers, models and other talented young people, set up TGYM in 2012 after taking part in The Challenge and Charlton Football Club’s National Citizen Service programme. She decided to put her new found knowledge on youth empowerment and social projects to use and after a five minute mind map, TGYM was born.

She said, What I love about TGYM is that it's full of forward thinkers. Right now it may be cool to be a bad-man & have that 'I don't care about my future' attitude but in 10 years that won't be a good look. TGYM members know this & they're working hard now so they won't regret anything later on. I love TGYM. We are honestly just one big family at and the amount of talent within the movement is just insane!

Jack Petchey's story has taught me that life comes with its setbacks and difficulties but if you believe you can, you can.”

TGYM is a movement that thrives on positive energy and operate what they call a ‘raw respect’ policy - ‘an undiluted pure form of regard for others and a mature acceptation of responsibility.’ The policy forbids members from using offensive language and taboo phrases, as well as upholding zero tolerance towards violence.

Priscilla decided to use her award money to run a talent show competition at Harris Academy Falconwood, where she currently attends school.

Find out more about the movement here!

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“TGYM is full of forward thinkers. Members are working hard now so that they don't regret anything later on”


TGYM Founder Priscilla Casey