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Simon Ali - Octavia Foundation

Simon hopes for theatrical future!

11 year old Simon Ali won a Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Award at the Octavia Foundation’s cultural and creative club BASE, based in Pimlico in Central London.

Simon is a very creative young man and has taken on the role of the Town Mayor in the group’s upcoming New Year theatrical production. An aspiring dramatist, Simon plays a key role in both organising and performing in dramatic arts productions at BASE, while he hopes to work in the theatre in the future.

Youth Programme Manager at the Octavia Foundation Victoria Nzeribe said, “Simon is a joy to work with and he always encourages those around him to speak their mind and get involved in a range of different activities at BASE. He is able to make time for everyone and always tries to be helpful to both his peers and staff.”

Simon has put his £200 award money towards the cost of costumes and props for the production. He has been busy devising a list of necessary items to create a castle and costumes for the royal family and town’s people for the performance.

The Octavia Foundation has been a part of the Achievement Award scheme since early 2012, and run a range of programmes to support young people from a range of backgrounds and environments. As well as BASE, the Octavia Foundation runs several youth-led media projects and sports programmes. To find out more about any of their schemes, visit www.octaviafoundation.org.uk

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Simon receiving his award