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Sixth-form student commended for hard work at school radio station

It takes a lot of hard-work and good time management skills to juggle school work alongside extracurricular activities. That is why many of our Achievement Award winners are those who have gone above and beyond in their after-school commitments, whilst continuing to maintain top marks at school.

Harrison Phillips-Pearce who attends Colchester Sixth Form College, was nominated for just that. He has been commended by his peers for his hard work and dedication to the college’s radio station ‘Storm Radio’. Harrison began by volunteering as a presenter, where he quickly developed the skills he needed to put on a great show. He has now moved up into the position of Student Station Manager and is responsible for ensuring that ‘Storm Radio’ provides a professional service five days a week. Harrison has also taken the lead in developing the station’s branding, showing excellent creativity and production skills.

Not only has Harrison’s hard work and dedication benefited the station greatly, Harrison also decided to use his £250 Jack Petchey Achievement Award grant to fund a radio skills training session for himself and the other students. He is a great asset and inspiration to Colchester Sixth Form College.

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