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Small grant enables young LGBQT+ people to attend Pride events

The Gap Youth Club provides a safe, social space for LGBTQ+ youth aged 13-19 (and up to 25 for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities). The Gap has been supported by the Jack Petchey Foundation since 2014 and in August 2016 they received a Small Grant of £750 which enabled them to take a group of young people from Gap to London and Brighton Pride.

The funding covered the cost of the Brighton Preston Park entrance fee as well as travel fares and staff fees. This enabled them to offer each trip for just a minimal or nominal fee to secure their place of £1 & £2.50 which ensured the trips were accessible to all members.

Attending London & Brighton Pride is hugely important to the LGBTQ+ community and for many of the young people it was the first time they were able to take part in such a large scale LGBTQ+ celebration. Both events provided a fantastic opportunity for the members to feel part of the wider LGBTQ+ community, as well as feeling inspired by the numerous community stalls and floats linked to particular organisations and services.

The young people proudly wore their Gap t-shirts which were produced using a 2015 Small Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation.

As a result of attending London Pride, the youth club members were inspired to try and secure funding for a Gap Float at Pride 2017. They wrote an application for ‘Youth Opportunity Funding’ and they presented their bid to a youth panel. Unfortunately, they were not granted the funds, but feedback was amazing and Gap staff were so impressed with all their hard work, passion and commitment.

Looks like The Gap will be walking not 'floating' at Pride 2017!

Find more information about The Gap on their website here: http://free2b-alliance.org.uk/young-people1/the-gap-youth-club

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