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Tae Kwon Do Club Showcase Their Skills at Club Competition

The young members of the Romford and Dagenham Tae Kwon Do Club have been asking the club leader, Alison Edwards, to put on a club competition for a long time, and thanks to a small grant awarded to the club by the Jack Petchey Foundation, they were finally able to organise one.

The competition took place in July and included four different events, with different categories of age and ability, allowing everyone to compete in each event. The members competed both individually and as a team, giving them a chance to work together with other members of the club that they may not have known very well. Everyone who competed won at least one medal, and all the students left the competition feeling very proud of themselves.

Alison commented that competing in a club competition and winning medals “gives them so much more confidence to take part in bigger competitions. It also develops a great team spirit as they are competing against other clubs and encouraging each other.”  It’s good practice for students who have never competed before as they now know how to conduct themselves and understand the etiquette that is required at a Tae Kwon Do competition. As the event was a lot smaller in comparison to regional and national competitions, it has allowed students who have not competed before to participate without feeling too overwhelmed. One student, Joanna Smith, had never sparred in a competition before so was quite reluctant to participate at first; however since the club competition she has gained a lot of confidence and is now very excited to take part in the next competition.

The event was a great success and has really fired up the students for the upcoming regional and national competitions. Two members of the Romford club will compete in the upcoming World Championships, with many members of the club coming along to a support them and watch world class Tae Kwon Do in action. Alison said “all the students really loved the day and were really grateful that we were able to put it on because of the help from Jack Petchey.”

thumbnail Students cheer on their team mates

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