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Technology and Technique: Orpington Swimmers awarded underwater cameras

Members of the Orpington Swimming Club were finding it difficult to understand what they were doing wrong when it came to their technique, so Coach Sergio Catania decided to film the swimmers in action. Even with a low quality camera he found that his students were able to improve their technique after having actually seen what mistakes they were making.

Thanks to a Jack Petchey Foundation Small Grant, the swimming club was able to buy a professional underwater telescope camera, SD card and a GoPro camera. Having two cameras allows the swimmer to be filmed from two angles, giving the student a good idea of how they are moving in the water. The swimmers can see the footage as soon as they stop, so they can correct themselves on the next length they take. The footage is then saved onto an SD card so that it can be used in future sessions to compare techniques. 

Sergio is very happy with the progress his students have been making with the help of the new equipment, he said “This has proven to be a very useful tool for feedback for our Top and Platinum squad swimmers and hopefully we will be able to see corrections in all of their strokes. Hopefully in time we can extend this to every swimmer in the club.”

The swimmers were really happy to add a new element into their training, and enjoyed using the cameras. Some of the swimmers have been trained on how to use the cameras and will even be editing the footage into a video. One swimmer commented “it was so much fun to film the swimmers- it was one of the best sessions!”

There has been plenty of positive feedback from the swimmers themselves, with one student saying “I can finally understand what was going wrong with my arm in freestyle, I will hopefully be able to correct this and my times will improve” and another student adding, “it was great to be able to see what I’ve been doing wrong for all these years!” 

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