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United Judo use Small Grant for a special weekend of training

United Judo used a Jack Petchey Foundation Small Grant to help fund a trip to Galway for 16 of their members for a special training weekend.

Paraic Hernon won his Jack Petchey Leader Award for the outstanding support he offers to the members of his club. This award enabled the club to apply for a Small Grant of up to £750. He proposed using the grant to fund a trip to his old club in Galway, Ireland as the club members are always asking him about his first judo club. The young members of the club were thrilled at the idea and fully supported using the grant to fund the trip.

The trip was aimed at members of the club who do not enter as many competitions as others. This is often due to them having low confidence, so this was a great opportunity for them to go overseas and meet other judo players without the pressure of competing. Meeting other judo players and learning new techniques is a great way for them to build up their confidence and gives them the opportunity to bond with the other club members. They were set a task to learn a new throw or hold down, which they then had to demonstrate in class when they returned.

On arrival, Galway Judo Club had arranged a small buffet with refreshments for everyone. Then they all got stuck in with a three-hour judo session which all the members enjoyed. Sunday morning started with training at 11am, where all the younger members were learning new techniques from different coaches. They then put their new moves into practice, sparring with players from a number of Irish clubs, which was a fantastic opportunity for them all. They also demonstrated some of their own hold downs and throws on other young players, providing them with a great opportunity to show off their own skills and grow in confidence.

Since their return, the club leaders have heard nothing but great things from all the parents and members about the weekend they had. Jayden said, “It was a great trip, I got loads from it, especially Paraic’s ground work lesson.” One parent added, “My daughter was very excited about this sponsored trip. She could hardly wait! She spent her whole time in Ireland smiling and having a great time. What you guys do is nothing like any other group out there, thank you all so much.”

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