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Wandsworth teen keen to reward Newham's youth

In December 2013, Jaspreet Jagdev, 18, was celebrating winning a Jack Petchey Achievement Award. A year on, she is encouraging other young people to celebrate their achievements.

Jaspreet is East London Science School’s Enrichment Coordinator and is also responsible for managing the Jack Petchey Award scheme during her year-long work experience.

Jaspreet won her own Achievement Award at Graveney School in Wandsworth. Sophie Cavanagh, Jack Petchey coordinator at Graveney, commended Jaspreet for being “ultra-reliable, speedy and efficient,” stating “she seems to be able to turn her hand to anything”.

“Winning the Achievement Award was an honour,” says Jaspreet. “I didn't realise what I was doing was anything extraordinary… winning made me pause to appreciate what I actually did”.

Jaspreet did indeed do an awful lot as a student. In addition to being President of the Graveney School’s Amnesty International society, Jaspreet was a House Captain, Senior Prefect, Duke of Edinburgh Award helper and Anti-Bullying Mentor.

When Jaspreet won her Achievement Award last year, the Jack Petchey coordinator at Graveney School praised Jaspreet’s ability to “come up with creative ways to reinvigorate the engagement of pupils”. Jaspreet proved her commitment to the cause when she decided to use the £200 grant that came with her Achievement Award on improving the facilities for clubs in the school to raise their profile to encourage student participation.

Jaspreet remains keen to engage students – this time as a member of staff. “East London Science School’s ethos of making each individual proud of their achievements made me really want to implement the Jack Petchey Achievement Award scheme there too. The Principal welcomed it quickly as it would be another way of rewarding pupils - and not necessarily for success in academia. Hopefully the scheme will benefit individuals as it did when I studied at Graveney School.”

The 18 year old intends on pursuing a career as a teacher or a barrister. “My future aspirations lie within helping people,” she says.

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