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Words of Wisdom from Our Achievers Network

We asked our Achievers Network if they had any advice to give to young people opening their GCSE results today, and to reflect on how their results have affected their attitude to school and life. We hope that they offer words of encouragement to those who didn't recieve the results they expected and that they inspire you to work hard towards your future. Congratulations for all your achievements from the Jack Petchey Foundation.

"I was extremely nervous waiting for my results, and although I passed all of my exams, they were no where near as good as they were expected to be. At the time I felt like the world was going to end. However, I soon realised that it doesn't matter if you don't get the results you wanted. I didn't let my results affect my ambitions and as a result I graduated from one of the best Law Schools in the country. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and continue working towards your goals. There is so much more to your personality and abilities than a piece of paper. Your grades are such a small part of you and any future employer or college/university will see that."


“Just a reminder that worry and anxiety won't change the past. All that matters is what you do after you receive your results. Only you can judge your full potential and only you can bring it to fruition. Whatever your grades do not let anyone make you feel guilty about being disappointed or overjoyed and whatever you do remember how you feel in the moment you open your results because from then you have the power to make sure you always feel that feeling when opening exam results in the future or that you never feel it again.”

Good luck from,


"If you give it your all, you'll always end up where you need to go, even though sometimes it doesn't feel that way" 

 “After not getting the GCSE results I wanted, I ended up going to a sixth form I was not as keen on going to, but looking back it was the best place for me, I loved it, I got sooo much help too! Again, my AS results weren't what I wanted, but because I put my all in my A2 levels, and had tried my best to gain the most experience possible (I had managed to be elected as a UK youth parliament representative, a NHS youth forum member and I was selected to shadow the permanent secretary of education) for my personal statement, I got accepted to do my dream course Politics, Philosophy and Economics at East Anglia despite not quite getting the grades I needed. I was fortunate enough to have been blessed with an amazing mentor, from the Achievers Network, who helped me set goals, which in the end enabled me to push and thrive in all aspects of my life and that in the end was why I got my place at the university that was best for me ! And I will continue to set goals, to build myself up until I become a journalist and beyond! Thank you Achievers Network, all the best junior Achievers!”


"Finding out your results is a nerve-wracking experience (and everyone goes through it)! But at the end of the day, the little letter or number on that piece of paper doesn't define you. It's just a tool that you can use to do whatever you wish. Be proud of what you have accomplished whilst looking forward into the future!" 


"Even if you don't reach your target/goal, it’s only an adjustment, a better outcome is coming your way that you could not have foreseen."

"My small testimony:

I have had the most rejection in my life this year. I set my heart upon Cambridge University and was rejected, I set my heart upon the LSE and was rejected. Both to which I had to cry and readjust. Neither university believed I was good enough or 'convincing enough' to be on their courses. 

 These rejections had a really detrimental effect on my school performance for the whole spring term. Then in the summer term, I lost my grandfather (my soul), missed a lot of school, and failed to obtain any type of scholarship to help with my eventual uni life. 

Coming up to exam season I was still teaching myself the last unit of Chemistry whilst trying to keep up revision of my other subjects, and avoid depression. Many A-Level students will tell you that this exam season could be described as 'murderous' or 'future destroying'. 

 Thus on results' day I was unsure if I'd secured the AAA required to get me into university, and really feared for the outcome of the next three years of my life. To my utter elation and relief, I passed my A-Levels with A* A* A, and will be going on to study International Relations at Kings College London! 

The point I want to make is that even though you may fall short on your personal goals, come across countless obstacles, or fail to get to the places you thought you should be, there is a more prosperous pathway ahead of you that you cannot yet see. 

Trust that through consistence, resilience and persistence you will achieve a future that excites you more than your original plan ever could."

Keep fighting, 


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