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Young mothers are treated to a seaside trip with their family thanks to Leader Award Grant

Angela Da Silva is a youth worker and duty worker at YMCA West London in Hillingdon. In 2017 she was nominated for a Jack Petchey Leader Award to recognise her work and her ability to motivate young people. Angela was described by her colleagues and residents as an “empathetic, driven, and responsible student and leader in YMCA who has taken the initiative to build stronger relationships with residents.”

She has aided the hostel in promoting a respectful environment for her and her peers to learn and develop. Angela is respected by residents and staff alike. She was lauded by others as an authentic and genuine person who truly wants to make a positive impact on this world and called “a true leader”.

Thanks to Angela’s Leader Award, YMCA West London were able to apply for a £750 Small Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation. The residents and staff decided to use the money to fund an exciting trip to the seaside for 20 young mums and their children.

Many of the residents living within the YMCA have never left Hillingdon. Getting the chance to leave the area enables them to see new places and enjoy new experiences. The young residents were also able to spend time with other residents that they may not know as well, creating a friendlier atmosphere in the hostel.

The group were lucky with the weather and enjoyed a sunny day in Bournemouth filled with, fun, food and fair rides. Such activities would usually be out of the reach of the young mothers’ budgets, so getting the chance to treat themselves and their children to a fun day out was brilliant. Not only did the trip allow them to kick back and enjoy themselves, it also had a positive impact on their mental wellbeing. All agreed that it was a brilliant day, with one parent saying “I really enjoyed the day with my children, thank you YMCA” and one of the children exclaiming, “It was an amazing day, thank you mummy!”

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