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Zereena Ashraf - Forest Gate Community School

15 year old Zerena Ashrad won a Jack Petchey Achievement Award for all her hard work at Forest Gate Community School. Zereena was nominated by her peers as Deputy Head Girl at the school and has been involved in a range of initiatives which have had an impact on both her fellow pupils and the school itself.

“I am very grateful to the Jack Petchey Foundation for the self-confidence they have helped me to find in myself. The award has also pushed me to persuade my peers to believe in themselves too.”

As a member of the Student Council Environment Committee, Zereena worked tirelessly to encourage her peers and the school to be more eco-friendly. One initiative she set up urged her fellow pupils and her teachers to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Zereena also increased the number of students in the school’s Creative Writing Club. She is very supportive of her fellow wordsmiths, and instils in them the confidence they need to produce quality work. Zereena used the £200 she received from the Jack Petchey Award to fund a day out at the seaside for members of the club. The group gathered material from the day for a joint blog they wrote and uploaded to the school’s website.

Zareena, who aspires to study English, Phycology and Biology in her A-levels before going onto Higher Education, said the award will have a positive role-on effect for the future.

“The award has helped me to truly understand what I am capable of achieving. My family, friends and teachers are very proud of me and acknowledge my deep rooted passion to help people. Being recognised for my achievements has also enhanced my position in the school and made me a role model for younger students.”

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“The award has helped me to understand what I am truly capable of achieving"


Zereena with MP for Newham Stephen Timms