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Educational Visits

The Foundation recognises that young people get considerable benefit from taking part in educational visits.

Harris Boys School

Harris Boys Academy, East Dulwich visit to Tate Modern

Educational visits give the opportunity to increase young peoples learning experiences and help to develop a wide range of valuable personal and social skills.

This funding stream offers grants to facilitate such trips.

Organisations on our Achievement Award Scheme can apply for a grant of up to £300 (a maximum of £10 per head) to enhance their visit programme. Organisations can apply for a grant twice in a year (2 x £300 grants).

How does the scheme work?

1. All grant applications must be made in advance of the trip taking place. 

(Please note it may take up to 14 days for your application to be assessed).
2. Once the organisation has finalised the details of the trip, the organisation must submit an application (see How to Apply)
3. A Grants Officer will assess the application and will send notification of the funding decision to the organisation.
4. All grants are paid in arrears, therefore the trip will take place prior to the funds being released.
5. Organisations are required to submit a report within 7 days of returning from the trip, once this has been received a grant payment will be raised.

What are the benefits of being part of the scheme?

After giving a grant to Harris Boys Academy East Dulwich, the teacher responsible said: "Thank you for the opportunity, this was the most rewarding trip I have ever taken. The boys were excellent and were really engaged. Next time I would like to take them to the Tate Britain but arrive on a boat from the Thames!"

How many trips can we apply for?

Schools and clubs who run the Achievement Award scheme well can apply for up to two trips per calender year.


Thank you for the opportunity, this was the most rewarding trip I have ever taken