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Future First - Alumni Programme

Future First’s vision is that every state school and college should be supported by a thriving, engaged alumni community.

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Future First is an education charity working with schools and colleges across the country to help them build, maintain and engage networks of former students. They provide the knowledge and infrastructure to help track leavers from day one and also to re-connect with those who have left over the years. 

When the Jack Petchey Foundation consulted with young people in 2012, they told us how useful it would be to hear about career choices and decision-making from recent leavers of their own school or college. 

Every school and college has amongst their alumni a host of potential career and education role models, not to mention volunteers, donors, work experience providers and even governors. Future First helps schools and colleges to harness this resource and makes it easy and inexpensive to do so. The video at the bottom of this page gives more information on Future First's work. 

Since 2013, the Jack Petchey Foundation entered into a partnership to help schools and colleges in London and Essex fund the Future First alumni programme. We help by contributing towards membership cost for those who run our Achievement Award scheme. To find out more go to Get Involved.