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How to Apply

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Who can apply to be part of the scheme?

The scheme is open to applications from schools, clubs and youth groups.

If you wish to apply you must meet the following:

  • Be a:
    Registered charity,
    State secondary school/college,
    Local authority youth club,
    Properly constituted 'not for profit' organisation.
  • Be based in London or Essex.
  • Have been operating for at least one year (Not applicable to schools)
  • Regularly work with young people aged 11 – 25.
  • Have an active attendance of more than 12 young people.
  • Be actively promoting the growth and development of young people.
  • Be committed to participation of young people in decision making within the organisation.
  • Be committed to diversity and inclusion.
  • Be financially sustainable.

We cannot accept applications from profit-making companies, private schools and statutory bodies not mentioned above, or from groups who are established for the purposes of promoting a specific political or religious belief.

How do I make an application?

To apply you must complete the relevant online application form. (Please note you will be required to provide information about the organisation, beneficiaries and provide contact details. Please click here to read the statement on how we use the information and data you have provided).

If you are a School, College or Education Establishment please click here 
If you are an Organisation that works with young people please click here

Your application will be acknowledged upon receipt and a Grants Officer will make contact with you to arrange an assessment visit. 

Following this, a recommendation will be made to our Foundation Directors and, subject to all criteria being met and budget availability, you will be accepted onto the scheme.

A typical application process will take 8 weeks.


“Achievement Awards have made an incredible difference to our youth project... I couldn’t quite believe that the process was so simple and the support so generous.” 
Running with Vision Youth Football Club.

Are there any specific documents I will need to provide in support of my application?

Yes there are...

If you are a school / college you will need to provide a copy of your most recent prospectus.

If you are a youth organisation / charity / ‘not for profit’ organisation, you will need the following:

  • Appropriate Constitution or Memorandum & Articles of Association showing a clause about what happens to funds if the club/group closes. This must be signed by a senior representative.
  • A Bank or Building Society Account in your organisation's name.
  • Income and expenditure records for your last financial year. This must be signed by a senior. representative. (If you are a charity and your most recent accounts are on the charity commission website, you may detail this on your application form to save on printing.)
  • Public Liability Insurance.
  • A Safeguarding Children Policy and where appropriate a Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy


How long does the process take?

An average application takes 8 weeks from the  time you send in your completed form to us, to the time we provide you with a decision on whether it’s been successful or not.

In order to help ensure your application can be dealt with quickly, please ensure:

You send all the necessary documents with your application.
You respond promptly to any calls for additional information required.
You are able to provide times for one of our Grants Officers to come and meet with you and see your school / club ‘in action.’

“I would most certainly recommend other organisations to get in touch witht he Jack Petchey Foundation in the hope that they will have the wonderful opportunities which Jack Petchey has given to us.”


Ben Robertson receiving his certificate

“This award has given me the confidence and inspiration to take on more responsibility within the club and push myself to more challenging levels.”