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How to manage the Awards well

The leader award is a simple award designed to complement the main Achievement Awards and give credit to adults who dedicate time and support to young people.

If you are a coordinator and you wish for tips on running and administering the award the questions below may help:

How do we choose a Leader?

The awards work best when young people are the primary decision makers, but staff and volunteers are all welcome to also get involved in nominating and selecting the winner.

The JPF Achievement Award coordinator at your school or club should coordinate nominations for the Leader Award.

You may like to do this at the same time each year so there is regular opportunity for recognition, and you may like to use ballot style nomination boxes and nomination forms as you do with the Achievement Award nominations.

Is there any reporting required?

No! All we ask is that you ensure the Leader has the opportunity to attend one of our celebration events - alongside your achievement award winners so they can receive their medallion and certificate in style!

Are there other ways to recognise our Leaders?

You can be as creative as you like with showing your recognition. Some organisations ensure details are put in internal magazines / newsletters / on plasma screens in receptions etc.

In addition you could organise opportunities for external press – see our Press section for guidance on writing press releases for your local paper.



Anne Holland, Carshalton High School's Leader Award Winner