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How to manage the scheme well

Once on the scheme, our Grants Officers are there to support you.

We aim to visit all groups regularly, and we are always a quick phone call or email away should you require additional assistance.

We'd recommend taking a visit to our coordinators page where there is a lot of resources, hints and tips and useful information for coordinators running the scheme. 

What happens if our school / club coordinator changes?

The Achievement Award scheme relies on one individual within your organisation to run the scheme. This person will be our main port of contact (we send all materials and cheques to them) and they are responsible for ensuring the scheme is run smoothly.

If a coordinator leaves the school /club then we must be notified immediatley and provided with the details of a new coordinator. Please note that grants will be temporarily suspended during times when there is no coordinator in place. This is a purely practical measure.

All new coordinators will need to sign a new agreement form.

Our Grants Officers will be more than happy to visit new coordinators and go through the scheme face to face to ensure that new coordinators feel comfortable with the management of the scheme going forward.

Please visit our coordinator's page to download the agreement form relevant to your organisation. 

We would like to be paid by BACS – how do we do this?

All your need to do is download a BACS for from our coordinators page and send it into the Foundation.

Please note BACS forms need to be accompanied by an original bank statement.

Who should win achievement awards?

“The Achievement Awards are primarily about recognising those who put in the effort and do their best.” 
Sir Jack Petchey CBE

Young people selected should be those who have gone above and beyond, and achieved – perhaps where others thought they might fail.

Winning an Achievement Award should mean different things for different people – it may represent a personal triumph against adversity, it may recognise a young person who has pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone, it may be the opportunity to recognise the outstanding efforts of a team player who always puts others first.

At the very heart of the Achievement Award is the fact that young people make the nominations and selections and so they are recognising the hard work and efforts of their peers.

Visit our section Stories of note to read inspiring efforts from young people.

How do we choose winners?

There are many different ways to nominate and select your award winners.

You can use any system that works within your school / club structures.

The key thing is that young people are at the heart of decision making.

For ideas on how to encourage young people to nominate winners - please visit our coordinators page where you can download nomination forms, request nomination boxes and download our nominations mindmap for several ways to conduct nominations.   

What does each award winner receive?

When a winner is selected they should be publicly congratulated for their achievement and receive:

  • A framed certificate and pin badge.
  • A letter from Jack with card attached giving them the opportunity to ‘Keep in Touch’ and join the JPF Achievers community.
  • A copy of ‘Notes from Sir Jack Petchey  CBE’ – a special A5 book with advice and guidance – in the words of Jack himself.
  • £250 to be spent on a something of their choice that will benefit their organisation (for example, a piece of equipment, a day out for the team, a specialist trainer to come in give a session). 

All the above materials will be sent to your school or club at the beginning of each grant period (ie in September and January).


To print the award winners name onto their certificate, please visit our coordinators page to download a template. 

Award winners are further recognised by attending one of our celebration events where they are congratulated on stage in front of friends and family. 

What can winner’s award money be spent on?

Award winners can choose to spend their money on a broad range of ideas that will be of benefit to their organisation and fellow members. We encourage award winners to take ownership of this decision making and think creatively about what they would like to do.

The most important thing is that award winners are at the heart of decision making. 

Please note that award money cannot be spent on core costs – it is specifically marked for activities / purchases that the young people would not otherwise be able to benefit from.

On our coordinators page you will find our spending guidelines, wishlists and spending agreements all designed to help you and the award winner to decide how to spend the money promptly and ideally before the grant report will be submitted. It must not go towards something that has already happened as this takes the decision out of the young person's hands!

If you ever want to check on a spend – simply give us a call!

Also ensure that receipts are keep of spends so that there is a clear and transparent record of your financial transactions.

For ideas of how to spend your grants and to see the wide range of young people that have been nominated, please see Case Study 1 and Case Study 2

When do I need to submit my report on awards and spending?

We operate a simple reporting structure.
Twice a year you will need to fill out a report online to let us know who you allocated awards to and what they spent their money on. We will contact you on 1st June and 1st November each year to advise you that the report is due by 30th June and 30th November respectively. 

What is the link for the Achievement Award grant report database?

To log in and provide a report please click here

How do we celebrate our young people’s achievements?

There are two stages celebrating the awards. 

1. When the initial announcement is made. This will be within your club / school and ideally in front of the majority of members / students. This is when the young person receives their certificate, pin badge, sign up letter and ‘Notes from Sir Jack Petchey CBE’.
2. At one of our celebration events. All award winners should attend one of our special award ceremonies where they will be given their medallion in front of friends and family. For full detail on these visit our events section. 
If you are unable to attend one of our events you can organise your own presentation. Please contact your Grants Officer for more details.

We want to promote the positive things that young people do so we encourage as much celebration as possible. Here are some ideas of ways you can celebrate:

  • Notify the winner’s parents 
  • Make sure you have a vivid and eye catching notice board of achievements. You are encouraged to create an eye catching poster to include on the notice board and add pictures and quotes personal to your school / club.
  • Use your websites, intranets and internal newsletters to sing your members / students praises. 
  • If you want to go bigger and bolder with your reach then consider releasing a press release to your local community. Go to our Press for tips on how to do this.
You can find resources to help you on our coordinators page
Achievement Award winner

Achievement Award winner

“I’m happy to have been recognised for all the hard work and effort I put into training before and after school, it’s also something great to put on my CV”

Achiever with VIP's at Celebration Event