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Leader Awards

Linked to the Achievement Award Scheme, the Leader Award enables schools and youth organisations to honour the dedication and commitment of staff and volunteers - particularly those who go 'the extra mile' to support young people.

Ian Peters

Ian Peters, Long Lane Junior Football Club

The Foundation realises that lots of the great work, projects and schemes that young people are able to access and participate in, would simply not be possible without the support of their adult leaders. In recognising this we created the Leader Award – a chance for young people themselves to recognise their leaders, the ones that inspire and support them – and say thank you. 

GoRide Bexley recognised Mick McLaughlin with a Leader Award. One of the younger members of the club said, “He is an inspiring role model who I can relate to and gives good practical demonstrations and advice. He also encourages people who want develop themselves further to progress to racing for our county.”

The following detail will provide more information on the award, how to make applications and how to manage it successfully. 

How does the scheme work?

1. Young people in participating schools / clubs select an inspiring adult to receive a Leader Award.
2. The nomination and selection processes are led by the young people within the organisations.
3. When a leader is selected the JPF coordinator at the school or club completes our simple online form (details under How to apply)
4. A Grants Officer will approve the decision and we will send notification to the coordinator.
5. The Leader award winner will be recognised by attending one of our celebration events where they are congratulated on stage in front of friends and family.

What are the benefits of being part of the scheme?

Adults who receive the Leader Award will be honoured at a Jack Petchey Foundation celebration event with a certificate and medallion. 

In addition, by participating in this scheme, your organisation will be offered the opportunity to apply for a small grant once a year.


Anne Holland from Carshalton High School for Girls won the Leader Award. Of the benefits of this award, her school said, “Thank You Jack Petchey for allowing our community to show her what a very special person Anne is.”

How many awards can eligible schools / youth organisations give out?

Schools and clubs operating one bronze, silver or gold award scheme are all entitled to recognise one Leader of their choice each year.

If you operate multiple Achievement Award schemes, or you are an umbrella group, then you may be eligible to apply more than one Leader Award each year. This can be confirmed by your Grants Officer.


To read about previous Leader Awards please see Case Study 1 and Case Study 2 


Tony Treadaway

Tony Treadaway, Leader Award Winner-  Army Cadet Force

“I nearly cried when I was told I'd won the Jack Petchey Leader Award, To know that the young people appreciate the work I do with them meant a lot.”

Leader Award Medallion