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How to manage your Small Grant Funding

The small grant programme is a simple fund designed to support organisations in delivering small projects that have the potential to make a big difference!

We expect organisations to have thought through their projects before applying for funding – and then we leave the management of the project in the organisations’ capable, and expert hands.

The only thing we need as a funder – is a brief report at the end of the project (by the date specified in the grant offer letter).

To get more information on the reporting requirements, as well as other ideas, read the information below.

When do I need to submit my report on our small grant?

We ask all recipients of a small grant to complete a short report form after they have finished the project. 

This must be no longer than a year after the grant was awarded, and we encourage you to complete the report at your earliest convenience.

If you complete your project early – submit your report form to us early, while the details are still fresh!

When completing your report form please do let us know as much as you can as we love to learn about all the creative ways you have chosen to spend your award money!

What is the link for the small grant report form?

The short report form can be downloaded from our coordinator page. 

Our project has changed since we applied – what do we do?

All decisions are made based on the information your provide on your application form. Grants are given on the basis of this and therefore restricted to the purposes stated.

If you project has changed then you must contact us immediately and speak to your Grants Officer. They will be able to recommend next steps.

Please be aware, although we do not like to ask for the return of funds, if you spend a restricted grant on something different to the purpose for which is was intended, we may have to request you return the money.

We are proud of our project – can we publicise it?

Great news! Yes you can – and we would love you to.

We constantly upload new case studies to our website so when you complete your report, give us as much information as possible. 

If you want to go bigger and bolder with your reach then consider releasing a press release to your local community. Go to our Press section for tips on how to do this.




Hayes and Harlington Scouts

Hayes and Harlington Scouts

“The equipment has helped diversify our programme and maintain interest for existing members and new members alike”