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13 June 2017

Election survey of over 2,400 under 18 Londoners first to show politicians what issues matter to those too young to vote

A Jack Petchey Foundation survey of those too young to vote in London found the issues most important to them were not issues they felt politicians prioritised. Around 80% also supported lowering the voting age to 16.

12 June 2017

Girl Guides take interest in STEM thanks to science trip

Thanks to a £750 Jack Petchey Foundation Small Grant, 62 Guides from South West London attended an activity day at Centre of the Cell, in Whitechapel to encourage the members to take an interest in STEM.

06 June 2017

Volunteers Week 2017: Jack Petchey Foundation celebrates young volunteers all year round!

Volunteers Week is about celebrating the amazing contributions that volunteers make to organisations and to society as a whole. At the Jack Petchey Foundation, we support and celebrate volunteering all year round through various grants and schemes.

31 May 2017

Speech and Language Therapy Graduate imparts specialist skills to teachers in Cambodia

In 2016, Alice King was chosen to take part in the City University Project, which sends up to eight newly qualified Speech and Language therapists to Cambodia each year. Alice spent 16 weeks teaching communication and language therapy to teachers.

26 May 2017

Volunteer distributes sexual health advice to improve life for young Malawians

In September 2016, Anna Carter boarded a plane to Malawi and began her twelve-week volunteer experience with Progressio. She was supported in her volunteer work by an Individual Grant for Volunteering of £300 from the Jack Petchey Foundation.

25 May 2017

Young people "Flip the Script" with radio skills project

The £750 Small Grant was used to fund a professional radio skills project called Flip the Script in which the senior youth group took part in 18 radio tuition workshops.

16 May 2017

History is brought to life for pupils thanks to an Educational Visit Grant!

Nine pupils from Blanche Nevile School for the Deaf visited the Charles Dickens Museum whilst they studied his life and works in class. The trip was made possible thanks to an Educational Visit Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation.

11 May 2017

Sixth-form student commended for hard work at school radio station

Harrison Phillips-Pearce who attends Colchester Sixth Form College as been commended by his peers for his hard work and dedication to the college's radio station ˜Storm Radio.

10 May 2017

New resources improve communication skills at special educational needs school

Thanks to a £750 Jack Petchey Foundation Small Grant, the school was able to purchase eight new portable radios which have benefitted 75 pupils so far. The radios have proved an invaluable aid in encouraging students to express themselves

04 May 2017

Girl Guides spend a night sleeping next to wolves on safari trip!

A £750 Jack Petchey Foundation Small Grant helped to fund an exciting and educational safari for 42 Chislehurst Girl Guides in April.