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30 Police Cadets howl with delight about walking with wolves


30 Metropolitan Police Volunteer Police Cadets from Harrow visited the Anglian Wolf Society in Bedfordshire, where they had a close and very personal experience with real wolves.

After attending a presentation on conservation and wildlife crime associated with dolphins, snow leopards, badgers and wolves, the Police Cadets were asked to vote on an animal that they wanted to focus their attention on. An overwhelming 90% opted to research wolves.

The group used their £750 Small Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation to visit the Anglian Wolf Society. Here, the young people had the opportunity to touch and learn more about the often misunderstood animals. “Walking with wolves was a fantastic opportunity,” says one Police Cadet. “I got licked by a wolf, how much better could it have been?”

The project also served to widen the young people’s knowledge of farming, poaching, ecological balances and international volunteering programmes. A small educational organisation called ‘Teaching Talons’ was also present on the day to promote understanding of smaller animals like owls, giant millipedes and hissing cockroaches.

“It became apparent that this subject had captured the cadets’ attention in a big way” says PC Simon Underwood, Police Cadets Youth Engagement Coordinator. “This project is not only a very real educational experience but a very personal experience - the type you cannot gain through a book, a photograph or a television programme.”

The project has been so successful that the cadets have asked to re-visit the wolves in May and look at opportunities for supporting the Anglian Wolf Society’s work in the Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria.

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Deadline: 31st March 2015

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