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Award-winning PE teacher brings Winter Olympics to Maldon

Daniel Rose, PE teacher has used his Jack Petchey Leader Award grant to introduce curling to Plume School in Maldon, Essex.

Earlier this year, Daniel Rose won the prestigious Jack Petchey Leader Award. Daniel ran the 2013 London Marathon in just over 6 hours – only 2 years after beating testicular cancer. “Dan isn’t afraid to let the kids know about the tough times he has been through and uses it to inspire them to be better and never give up,” says Marylin Ruston, Jack Petchey coordinator at Plume School. The £2500 he raised went to Orchid Cancer, who helped throughout his illness.

However that wasn’t enough – Daniel also encouraged his co-workers to take part in ‘Movember’ in 2012. The PE teacher said “The kids have loved the moustaches and were disappointed on Monday when it was gone – my wife wasn't, however." As Marylin says, Daniel always “goes that extra mile”.

After winning his Jack Petchey Leader Award, Mr. Rose asked the students and staff who voted for him what they wanted his £750 grant to be used on. Eventually they purchased 4 sets of indoor curling equipment sets. Curling has been an official Winter Olympic sport since the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Inspired by Sochi earlier this year, “it got me thinking that I would like to recreate some of the spark of the Olympics in Maldon!” says Daniel.

“This sport is easily accessible for all levels of skill and ability and will also be very inclusive for our SEN provision at the school...This would be the first time we have a sport that puts all students on a level playing field and all start from the same skill base” he claims.

The curling sets have been a huge success at the school, proving that expensive equipment is not always necessary to engage people in sports. Daniel is also keen to expand curling in other schools and offer it as an out-of-hours club for Maldon’s over 60’s.

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