Jack Petchey Foundation
If you think you can, you can!
08 May 2018

Achievement Award winner builds biology garden for surrounding wildlife

Sam decided to put his £250 Achievement Award grant towards buying new equipment for the school's biology garden

23 April 2018

Sports students win Achievement Awards after proving just how powerful friendship can be!

Paige and Katrina, who share an interest in sport, have won Achievement Awards for supporting each other at college

05 April 2018

Dr Dre to the rescue!

Year 9 student Dre Emmanuel was awarded a Jack Petchey Achievement Award for helping his friend when he collapsed after a football match

20 March 2018

Young performer recognised for her passion of dance!

Maisy Lewis loves to dance and she won't let anything hold her back from pursuing her passion

19 March 2018

Coan brothers continue to show why they won their Achievement Awards

Oliver and Toby Coan aged 14 and 13 won Jack Petchey Achievement Awards in 2017 for their charity fundraising. Find out how they have continued this fundraising.

13 March 2018

Achievement Award winner visits NASA for international space design competition!

Annabelle York received a Jack Petchey Achievement Award after working hard at the national Space Design competition in London. She has since visited NASA to compete against young scientists from all over the world!

04 January 2018

Student receives achievement award for dedication to mental health charity

Carrie-Jayne was recognised for her dedication to volunteering, mentoring, phone counselling, and fundraising for mental health charity Young Minds through her Citizenship Studies course.

01 December 2017

Student encourages her whole school to learn a second language

Isobel Duncan, a 15-year-old student from Langley Park School for Girls was nominated for a Jack Petchey Achievement Award for her outstanding commitment to the promotion of languages across the school.

24 November 2017

Layla is recognised for turning her grades around for the better!

Over the past two years, Layla has turned her academic life around beyond recognition. She took the decision to change things for herself during Year 11 and achieved much better GCSE results than many- including Layla - had expected.

28 September 2017

Animal Days Out present their first Achievement Award to inspirational Daniel

This summer, Animal Days Out (ADO) presented their first ever Achievement Awards since joining the scheme earlier this year. Daniel Birmingham, aged 13, was chosen to be one of the first Achievement Award winners at the organisation.