Jack Petchey Foundation
If you think you can, you can!
15 August 2018

Young refugees take a trip to the zoo!

The young refugees of CARAS in South London were treated to a trip to London Zoo with the help of an Educational Visit Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation

10 August 2018

Lambeth students take on water wipe-out!

Students from the Park Campus Academy in Lambeth were treated to a fun day out where they took part in a water wipe-out challenge.

07 August 2018

Students build a tranquil garden for their school!

Full Circle Education used a Small Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation to build a peaceful garden for the students to use whenever they feel nervous and need to calm down

26 July 2018

A-Level Biology students visit sand dunes and beaches in Wales

Biology students venture to the coast to explore the area's environment

04 July 2018

Bexley youth group meet lions and monkeys at Wingham Wildlife Park!

Bexley Snap used their Educational Visit Grant to visit the Wingham Wildlife Park

02 July 2018

Cycling group use Small Grant to ride across famous routes of Belgium

Small Grant helps to fund a training weekend in Belgium for a group of young cyclists

29 June 2018

Students take a magical day out to the Harry Potter studios!

A group of students were taken to the Harry Potter studios and another took part in a workshop at the Barbican, thanks to a Small Grant from the Foundation

19 June 2018

Young players at Acorn FC get specialist mentoring and football training

Young football players get mentoring and football training from professionals thanks to a Small Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation

06 June 2018

Young judo players travel to Belgium for exciting tournament!

United Judo, a youth judo group from Bexley, travelled to Belgium to take part in a special European tournament- the Hermee Cup, helped by a Small Grant

31 May 2018

New equipment helps Rowing Club to see improvements in their performance

The Mossbourne Rowing Academy decided to use their £750 Small Grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation to invest in new equipment for their rowing teams to train on.