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Crossways Gymnastics Club Wows Spectators with New Team Leotards

Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout Movement, once said “Uniform makes for brotherhood, since when it is universally adopted it covers up all differences of class and country.” For sports teams, having uniforms brings confidence and that same feeling of unity to its members that Baden-Powell spoke of. Thanks to a Small Grant awarded to Crossways Gymnastics Club in Greenwich, they were able to purchase new leotards for their club members to wear at their displays.

Now that the club have their own leotards, all the members of the club will be provided with one to wear at all future public displays and competitions. This means that those who may not be able to afford their own leotard will not feel left out or look different to the other club members when presenting at displays.

The new leotards were worn for the first time at the Plumstead Make Merry Festival on 11th June 2016, where the members showcased their gymnastics skills to the Greenwich community. One of the club’s coaches, Paulette Scott commented “The girls looked very smart and professional in their new leotards and they were proud to showcase Crossway.” The team uniforms motivated the young gymnasts as they felt part of a team and therefore performed with a higher level of confidence. The club usually organises up to three displays a year, not only to give the members a chance to showcase their gymnastics skills but also to encourage new members. It is hoped that with their new leotards more young people will be inspired to take up gymnastics and get involved in the sport. 

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