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Cuba and Bleu Parris - Coombe Boys School

New Malden Karate-kid twins win consecutive awards for excellence!

New Malden twins Cuba and Bleu Parris won consecutive Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Awards for December 2013 and January 2014 at Coombe Boys School for their extraordinary and enduring academic and sporting success.

The 15 year old pair have won over 500 medals and trophies between them, modelled in various advertising campaigns and are both predicted 11 A*s in their GSCE’s.

Assistant Headteacher Julie Morris said, “People have high expectations of Bleu and Cuba because of what they have achieved, yet there was uproar in the school council that they hadn’t received Jack Petchey awards in the past”.

The twins began karate when they were seven years old, and have been members of the England team since they were 13. Bleu is currently 5th in his world rankings in his weight class, while Cuba is ranked 7th in his category. In 2013, they competed in 11 different countries, including the European Championships in Spain and World Championships in Turkey.

Their sporting success doesn’t stop there, as they both play for basketball for their school and local team Kingston Wildcats, who have reached the Surrey Cup Final for the last three years.

Despite demanding sporting schedules, both youngsters are committed to their studies, and have high aspirations for their futures. Predicted A*’s across the board, they are currently taking Geography after school as an additional GCSE, while both twins are already looking at applying to Oxbridge in the future. Cuba aspires to become a doctor, while his brother Bleu wants to study maths.

Bleu said, “Education is more important than sport in the long run, and we will always put our careers first, but we enjoy combining the two right now! I’m not really sure how we fit it all in. Karate has certainly made us more disciplined and focused - we know that when we get homework, we have to do it that day to avoid falling behind!”

On top of their commitments to sport and education, Bleu and Cuba have appeared in advertisement campaigns for Tassimo Coffee and Macdonalds!!

Mrs Morris added, “Bleu and Cuba support each other in their sports and schoolwork. Despite their demanding schedules, it is not in their nature to complain or ask for extensions. They are an inspiration to both staff and pupils.”

Cuba added, “It means a lot to win the Jack Petchey award, and be voted for by our peers. Our parents have supported us all the way, and we owe a lot to them for achieving what we have so far.”

Cuba and Bleu combined their award money to purchase a new basketball kit for their school.

Jack Petchey Foundation Grant’s Officer for South London, Jane Evans said, “Cuba and Bleu’s achievements are incredible, to be able to balance their academic and sporting lives and continue to achieve so highly in both is a feat they should be very proud of. I am sure their Jack Petchey awards will only motivate them to continue to excel.”

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“Cuba and Bleu are an inspiration to both staff and pupils!”